According to a popular notion, “We are what we eat”. Although the necessity of a balanced diet is important, it is essential to observe its effect on our environment. The right choice of food ultimately leads to a healthy mind, body and soul.

Eco-friendly and organic diet needs to be adapted for the betterment of both environment and personal health. These eco-friendly diets are free from harmful components and are more nutritionally enriched than regular foods, along with better mouthfeel and aroma. They are sustainable products in the long run.

There exists several companies and start-ups, that have made their business out of offering environment-friendly healthy products, in order to establish themselves as sustainable food companies.

BEYOND MEAT– Climate change is one kind of biggest threat of our current scenario. Meat production has serious adverse effect on our environment, that’s where Beyond Meat steps in. From a simple yet deep query, “Why do you need an animal to create meat? Why can’t you build meat directly from plants?”, they produced delicious plant based- meat products while maintaining health, sustainability and animal welfare benefits. Some of their notable products include Beyond Burger, Beyond meatballs, Beyond beef crumbles and Beyond Beef.


GROUNDS FOR CHANGE– Located in Pacific North-East, this self-owned coffee roasting company is committed to providing a sustainable product that benefits the environment, its farmers and its consumers. Started with the tag,” to support social equity and environmental sustainability through fair trade, organic, shade-grown coffee”, they produce variety of products, like organic tea and chocolate, apart from coffee.


NEWMAN’S OWN ORGANICS- It aims to offer organic, healthy snack food. The snacks belong to non-GMO version, free of refined oils and trans fats. Source ingredients supports minimizing population, the depletion of non- renewable resources and hazards to water and air quality. Other products include organic pretzels, chocolate bars, cookies, popcorn, olive oil vinegars, dried food, pet food and tea.


NOW FOODS- For more than 40 years, this family-owned company is renowned for providing quality foods and supplements. Its quality Control and assurance team use a tedious process to ensure freshness and quality to produce organic and non-GMO foods and offers several gluten free flours and products. Some of the prominent products include organic dried milk products, flours and baking mixes, nuts and seeds to name a few.


ALVARADO STREET BAKERY- One of the leading brands in healthy, organic whole and sprouted grain baked products, while maintaining sustainable agriculture and business practices. One of the most unique features of it is that it uses sprouted grains to produce fiber- rich breads and there are no chemical preservatives, nor any additives or artificial food colors added. Other Products include bagels, Pizza bread rolls, tortillas and granolas.


NUMI ORGANIC TEA- Founded by a US- based sibling-duo, this foundation promised exotic, organic Tea that caters to nature and is both healthy and nutritious. Flavored with herbs, fruits, flowers and spices, it claimed to contain no artificial flavors or colorants. Their outer packaging is made up of post- consumer waste and soy-based inks and the teas bags are made from biodegradable filter papers. The production industry is facilitated by use of renewable energy.


VIRTUAL CHOICE SEAFOOD- Specialized in sustainable wild seafood products, it was originally formed by a fisherman in Alaska. The most positive approach to their company is the complete absence of antibiotics, pesticides, synthetic coloring agents and GMOs that are commonly otherwise used in fish farms. Their wild salmon provides more Vitamin D and full of omega-3-Fatty Acids. Their products include wild harvested salmon, white fish, shell fish, organic nuts, dry fruits, vinegars and dark chocolates.


PLUM ORGANICS – Dedicated solely for delivering healthy food products for toddlers, babies and children, this organization was co-incidentally founded by a mother. Here all foods are certified organic, are cooked gently and minimally processed. They are packaged in BPA and phthalate- free packaging. It is completely devoid of trans-fat, high fructose corn syrup and gluten.  Waste reduction and reduced energy usage are practiced. Products include Organic baby cereal, training meals and snacks, fruits and vegetable smoothies and purees.


TONY’S CHOCOLONELY- The chocolate bars are made from uncoated, recycled FSC- certified paper, originally from forests. The company promotes farming methods that protects environment, organize training programs, cut-off pesticides in the harvesting of cocoa beans.


WALLGREENS FARM- A unique food brand run by a chain of women network, they serve fresh food products with no added chemicals or additives, straight from the farm. It serves international flavors with Indian touch. Their products include organic baked chips, spreads and butter, exotic spices and chilies.



According to market survey, a majority of consumers today look for a product that can lead them to a healthy and sustainable life. These coming-of-age brands will not only secure the safety of our surroundings, but also lead our future generation to an organic lifestyle which will undoubtedly lead to more health-consciousness among the common mass.


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